Project Structure

The International Practicum is a innovative program designed to provide qualified training and stage opportunities to Italian, UK, Georgian,  Kazakistan masters’ degree students with the aim to educate to entrepreneurship and to help students to develop management skills in an international context

Target students involved in the Project:

  • 18 (aproximately) foreign students are selected from Business School, Liverpool John Moores University (UK)
  • (12+2)Italian students will be selected from those attending the I and II year of the Master Degree in Global Entrepreneurship and Management (both Curriculum in International Business and Economics of Innovation)
  • 4 Georgian students (2 from Black Sea University and 2 from Gorgian-American Univeirsity)
  • 6 Kazakistan Students (3 from Almaty University; 3 form Astana University)

The Program also promotes the internationalization of selected enterprises located in the Lombardy Region by giving them the opportunity to build partnerships and to exploit business opportunities with foreign enterprises

3 Italian company are selected to participate in the Programme

Each company will host 2 joint team composed by students from different Universities according to the internationalization focus of the firm

Each team will be composed of 1/2 insubria students and  4/5 foreign students.

Each joint team will develop sector analysis, business plans, marketing plans, commercial strategies to support the firm’s internationalization in the internztional market (according to the need of the firms involved in the Project)

The International Students’ Competition for the Best Internationalization Business Solution will highlight the end of the project. The proposals of the joint teams will be assessed by the Evaluation Committee composed by the top management of the selected Italian enterprises as well as University academia.



Prof.ssa Roberta Pezzetti:

Prof.ssa Patrizia Gazzola